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Cooke 20-60mm T3.1

$290 day
$870 week
Last Updated: Aug 5th 2020


(Photos are of my actual lens) There is not a lot of information out there about the Cooke 20-60mm T3.1, probably because Cooke didn’t produce many of these amazing zooms. I have a feeling back in the 1980s rental houses were more interested in the extra range of the 18-100mm T3. It was first sold in 1981 and was described as having “optical performance comparable to prime lenses.” I would say that statement still holds true. This is arguably the highest performing zoom Cooke ever made, except for possibly the modern and advanced Cooke CXX 15-40mm T2. The 20-60mm is a sharper wide-open than the 18-100mm. It has no CA (chromatic aberrations) even wide open…at all…which is something even modern, high-end prime lenses have issues with. It is sharp, but with that classic flattering thing that only Cooke lenses can do. It’s just slightly warmer than neutral. It has a 9-blade iris and they are petal shaped like other Cookes, so the bokeh stopped down is gorgeous. Thanks to the huge front element it flares easily if you want it to, and the lens flares are beautiful. I tend to shoot a lot of projects between 20mm and 60mm, so I feel like this range is very convenient. It’s also not that heavy for an older lens at 6.5 pounds. You can hand-hold it no problem and you don’t need a lens support if you are using a camera with a proper PL mount. Cooke also made a Super 16 version of this lens with different rear optics (one of the first "speed-boosters!"), the Cooke 10-30mm T1.6. Edward Lachman used his personal Cooke 10-30mm and Cooke Speed Panchros to shoot CAROL, which is a beautiful film. In an interview he admitted using that zoom a lot. So if you are looking for some examples, check it out. Keep in mind it’s Super 16mm film. Close Focus – 2’ 4” from sensor (18” form front element) Weight – 6.5 pounds Front Diameter – 125mm
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    20-60mm Varo-Panchro T3.1 Zoom
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$290 day
$870 week
Last Updated: Aug 5th 2020