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Metabones Canon EF Lens to M4/3 Micro Speed Booster ULTRA 0.71x or XL 0.64x

$19 day
$57 week
Last Updated: May 20th 2021


The Metabones EF from Micro four-thirds (m4/3) adapter is excellent for giving you a larger sensor coverage. I love how it gives me a much larger sensor for shallower depths of field and much more bold, rare, daring, prettier and above all, cinematic- images. I've don't ever see any loss in sharpness or any other differences in using this adapter. No chomatic aberrations. If you prefer a 0.64X speedbooster, please let me know! Let me know if a $6 increase will be okay for the 0.64x speedbooster. Cameras that are compatible with this adapter (and come with one) include: Panasonic GH5 ($49) - Panasonic GH5S ($69) - Lenses that can be used with this adapter [full sets branch into smaller sets]: Anamorphic Mimic Set (Blue) (EF) ($99) - Anamorphic Mimics Set (Orange) (PL; adaptable to EF) - ($99) - Anamorphic Mimic (Black) (EF) ($29) - Canon FD (EF) ($179) - Helios Set (EF) ($99) - Jupiter Set (EF; Full Frame and Short Flange cameras) ($99) - Kiev-60 Set (PL or EF) ($99) - Mir Set (EF) ($89) - Rokinon Set (EF) ($59) - Zenitar/Zuiko (EF) ($129) - Electronic Lenses: Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 ($19) - Canon 16-35mm f2.8L ($29) - Canon 24-105mm f4L ($26) - Canon 24-70mm f2.8L ($29) - Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 ($29) - Other Micro 4/3 adapters include: Micro 4/3 to PL ($11) - Sony NEX to Micro 4/3 (lens) ($7) - Micro 4/3 to EF (Non-electronic) ($5) - Other EF Adapters include: PL Lens to EF Mount ($10) - EF Lens to Canon RF Mount (Non-Electronic / Electronic) ($5 / $25) - EF Lens to Sony NEX Mount (Non-Electronic / Electronic) ($5 / $25) - EF Lens to Micro 4/3 Mount (Non-Electronic / Speedbooster) ($5 / $19 / $25) - EF Lens to Leica M Mount (Non-Electronic) ($7) - EF Lens to Nikon F Mount (Non-Electronic) ($5) - EF Lens to Nikon Z Mount (Non-Electronic) ($10) - There is minimal autofocus using the adapter that I could recommend in photography mode, but if you're like me, and indie filmmaker, autofocus is for newbs and excellent professional after continuous autofocus when it comes to video. So don't mess with autofocus unless you're riding the jackpot of native autofocus lenses on One of the toppest bodies of the main brands: Canon (dual-pixel i.e.) Looking forward to talking more about your project! If you really need, I also have an NEX Speedbooster. Please ask if you're interested in that! :-)
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    T Speed Booster Ultra 0.71x Adapter for Canon Full-Frame EF-Mount Lens to Micro Four Thirds-Mount Camera
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$19 day
$57 week
Last Updated: May 20th 2021