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$1,000 day
$3,000 week
Last Updated: Mar 19th 2020


LEICA SUMMICRON-C - T2.0 (6 LENS SET) 18mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm FEATURES: • 18mm Leica Summicron - C T2 PL cf/1 95 OD • 25mm Leica Summicron - C T2 PL cf1 95 OD • 35mm Leica Summicron - C T2 cf/1.2 95 OD • 50mm Leica Summicron - C T2 PL cf/2 95 OD • 75mm Leica Summicron - C T2 PL cf/3 95 OD • 100mm Leica Summicron - C T2 cf/3.4 95 OD SINGLES: $250 ea. • 21mm Leica Summicron - C T2 PL cf1 95 OD • 29mm Leica Summicron - C T2 PL cf1 95 OD • 135mm Leica Summicron - C T_ cf/__ 95 OD These Leica Summicron-C are perfect match to the LEICA SUMMILUX C T1.4 and LEICA SUMMILUX R (EF CINE-MOD) for the latest digital cinema cameras such as ARRI ALEXA MINI, RED DRAGON, WEAPON SCARLET X, BLACKMAGIC URSLA 4.5k, action, night or twilight sequences. Many Commercial Cinematographers endorse for their Near-Distortion-Free-Perfection, Color, Speed, Digital Latitude, and Performance! Come to Old School Cameras and see why these lenses are tuff not to want. Films such as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: (2016) - RED DRAGON Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) - ARRI ALEXA M Need for Speed (2014) - ARRI ALEXA, CANON 1DC 818-847-1555 Also visit our other Vintage Optics listings DIGITAL CINEMA: ARRI AMIRA 444 UHD ARRI ALEXA MINI 4:3 OPEN GATE ARRI RAW ANAMORPHIC ARRI ALEXA PLUS XT, SXT 4:3 OPEN GATE RED WEAPON 8K, RAVEN, EPIC, DRAGON, MX SSD CANON C300 MK2, CANON 1DC, CANON C300 PL BLACKMAGIC URSLA 4.5K PL, EF, POCKET CINEMA PANASONIC VARICAM LT SONY F55, SONY F7S, SONY A7S, F5, FS700, SONY F5, EX3 DIGITAL BOLEX D16 CANON 5D MK3, MK2, 7D PL, 7D EOS, GO PRO HERO 4 35mm MOTION PICTURE: MOVIECAM SL 4perf (Anamorphic) MOVIECAM COMPACT 4perf (Anamorphic) ARRI BL4s ARRI 535 ARRICAM LT, ARRICAM ST, ARRI 235 ARRI 435 es, ARRI 435 extreme ARRI III 4perf 3rd GEN ARRI IIC, ARRI 2C ARRI IIB, ARRI 2B ARRI IIA, ARRI 2A 16mm MOTION PICTURE: ARRI SB, ARRI ST ARRI SR3 High Speed, ARRI SR2 HS ARRI 416 Super 16 AATON XTR PROD BELL & HOWELL FILMO 70 BEAULIEU R16, NEWS CAMERA BOLEX REX5, REX4, SBM CINE KODAK MODEL K, MAGAZINE 16 ECLAIR NPR MILLIKEN HIGH SPEED SUPER 8mm MOTION PICTURE BEAULIEU 4008 ZM4, CLASSIC PRO, ZMII, M3, 5008 CANON 1014 XL-S, 814 XL-S, NIZO, BELL & HOWELL, YASHIKA, GAF Old School Cameras, images copyright 2016 *LIABILITY AND FLOATER COVERAGE REQUIRED FOR THIS PACKAGE*
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    Summicron-C T2.0 Lens Set
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$1,000 day
$3,000 week
Last Updated: Mar 19th 2020