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$495 day
$1,485 week
Last Updated: Mar 19th 2020


ARRI SR2 S16 /N16 CAMERA: 7 Lbs 5-75 fps crystal Includes, Power, Mags, Rod Support, Cables - ARRI SR2 S16 - ARRI STEEL PL MOUNT - ARRI SHORT EYE PIECE - ARRI RUBBER EYE CUP - ARRI EYE PIECE EXTENSION - ARRI SR MINI-ROD BRACKET - ARRI SR TOP HANDLE - ARRI RIGHT HANDLE - ARRI 15MM BASE PLATE - ARRI 12” SLIDING DOVETAIL - MASTER LITE CASE CUSTOM ARRI SR POWER - ANTON BAUER 90 BATTERY - ANTON BAUER QUAD CHARGER - ARRI BATTERY ADAPTER 2P - ARRI ANTON BAUER PLATE ARRI SR MAGS - ARRI 400’FT MAG SR2 S16 - ARRI 400’FT MAG SR2 S16 - ARRI MAG TAKEUP CORE - ARRI MAG CORE (2) ARRI SR VIDEO (ADD + 250) - B+W VIDEO TAP - COLOR VIDEO TAP - ARRI MANUAL SPEED CONTROL VIDEO PACKAGE (ADD + 250) - TRANSVIDEO 5” RAINBOW MONITOR - MARSHALL 7” SDI MONITOR - HOODMAN 5” SHADE - HOODMAN 5” SHADE CABLES - ARRI 11 PIN FISHER TO 4PIN XLR (TAP PWR) - ARRI 2P POWER CABLE 4P XLR 6’FT - ARRI 2P POWER CABLE 4P XLR 10’FT SPECIFICATIONS: ARRI SR2 SUPER 16 • 1982 • Made in Germany • Speed: 5-75 fps crystal • Shutter: 180 degrees • Image format: 12,4 x 7,5 mm (super 16mm) • Type: sync sound • Video: color or B/W CCD • Fiberscreen ground glass • Mount: PL, depth 54mm • Accepts SMPTE time code gen: with CE crystal control • Registration film movement: Single pin +3 position • Image steadiness 10/00 of frame height • 12 volt System • Noise level: 25 + 1 dB (A) • Temperature range: -20to + 50 (-4 to 122) • Exposure control: Data input 13-31 DIN /1000 ASA 2 stops • Coaxial 400ft mag • Kinematic, jointed pulldown • Single Registration Pin • Weight - 7.05 Lbs GET HUGE DISCOUNTS FOR FULL PACKAGES (BUILD A PACKAGE!!!) OPTICS: Anamorphic & Spherical (Vintage / Modern) - ARRI, ZEISS, LEICA, COOKE, KOWA, TLS, CANON, LOMO, K35 - ANGENIEUX, CINEOVISION, ULTRASCOPE, SUPER BALTARS SUPPORT: Sliders, Fluid Heads, Gear Heads, (Gyro-stabilization, Underwater Housings) - OCONNOR, SACHTLER, CARTONI, MITCHELL, WEAVER, RONFORD - MANFROTTO, MOVI, DJI, TANGO, LAMBDA, FLOWCINE, EASYRIG - AQUATECH, BOLEX FILTERS: Round, Square, Gel, Threaded, Colored, Custom - Schneider, Tiffen, B+W, Harrison, Kodak - 4x5, 6x6, 4x4 - 6”, 4”, 3” Round - 138mm 77mm 72mm Ser.9 Ser.7 VIDEO DEPT: Oled, HD, NTSC, Waveform, OnBoard, Client, Director - PANASONIC, SONY, CONVERGENT, FLANDERS - TV LOGIC, JVC, SMALL HD, MARSHALL - TERADEK BOLT PRO 2000, 600, 500, 300 - PARALINX ARROW PLUS - MODULUS 3000, 2000 LENS CONTROL: Wireless, Studio Focus Systems, Iris Control, RCU - ARRI WCU-4 - PRESTON FIZ MDR - TILTAMAX WIRELESS - BARTECH WIRELESS - ARRI FF-5 STUDIO STYLE FOCUS - ARRI FF-4 STUDIO FOLLOW FOCUS - ARRI FF-2 STUDIO FOLLOW FOCUS - ARRI MFF-1 LIGHTWEIGHT FOLLOW FOCUS Also visit our other Vintage Optics listings DIGITAL CINEMA: ARRI AMIRA 444 UHD ARRI ALEXA MINI 4:3 OPEN GATE ARRI RAW ANAMORPHIC ARRI ALEXA PLUS XT, SXT 4:3 OPEN GATE RED WEAPON 8K, RAVEN, EPIC, DRAGON, MX SSD CANON C300 MK2, CANON 1DC, CANON C300 PL BLACKMAGIC URSLA 4.5K PL, EF, POCKET CINEMA PANASONIC VARICAM LT SONY F55, SONY F7S, SONY A7S, F5, FS700, SONY F5, EX3 DIGITAL BOLEX D16 CANON 5D MK3, MK2, 7D PL, 7D EOS, GO PRO HERO 4 35mm MOTION PICTURE: MOVIECAM SL 4 perf (Anamorphic) MOVIECAM COMPACT 4 perf (Anamorphic) ARRI III 4 perf 3rd GEN ARRI IIC, ARRI 2C ARRI IIB, ARRI 2B 16mm MOTION PICTURE: ARRI SB, ARRI ST ARRI SR3 Hi Speed ARRI SR2 Hi Speed ARRI 416 Plus Super 16 BELL & HOWELL FILMO 70 BEAULIEU R16, NEWS CAMERA BOLEX REX5, REX4, SBM CINE KODAK MODEL K, MAGAZINE 16 ECLAIR NPR SUPER 8mm MOTION PICTURE BEAULIEU 4008 ZM4, CLASSIC PRO, ZMII, M3, 5008 CANON 1014 XL-S, 814 XL-S, NIZO, BELL & HOWELL, YASHIKA, GAF 35MM SPERICAL / ASPHERICAL PRIME LENSES ARRI Master Primes ARRI Ultra Primes ARRI PANSPHERON ANGENIEUX OPTIMO series ANGENIEUX Vintage Zooms ATLAS ORION Anamorphic (soon) B&L Super Baltars TLS CANON K35 Primes TLS (soon) CANON K35 25-120 Macro CANON Century Optex CANONFLEX Primes CANON FD Cine Primes CANON EF Cine Primes CANON L Series Zooms CENTURY LOW ANGLE PRISM CINEOVISION Anamorphic COOKE S2 Anamorphic COOKE Speed Panchro TLS COOKE S4i Mini (uncoated) COOKE 20-60 Vari Panchro COOKE 20-100 Varotal COOKE 25-250 MK2 Taylor Hobson HASSELBLAD PRIMES HAWK '74 V-LITE Anamorphic HAWK C Series Anamorphic KERN VARIO SWITAR RX Macro KOWA Cine Prominar TLS KOWA Anamorphic P+S KOWA Prominar Anamorphic LEICA Summicron-C LEICA Summilux-C LEICA-R Summilux/ Summicron LOMO Round Front Anamorphic LOMO SPHERICAL MAMIYA SEKOR Cine Primes NIKOR Cine Primes PENTAX Super Takumars ROKINON Primes 
ULTRASCOPE Anamorphic ZEISS Super Speeds Mark2, Mark3, MKII, MKIII ZEISS Standard Speeds ZEISS Uncoated Macro T2.1 Speeds ZEISS Uncoated T1.3 Super Speeds ZEISS CP2 Primes ZEISS ZE Primes Old School Cameras, images copyright 2016 Insurance Note: Liability Coverage & Floater required.
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    SR2 Super 16mm Camera
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$495 day
$1,485 week
Last Updated: Mar 19th 2020