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Cineovision High Speed Anamorphic Primes 25, 35, 50, 85

Cineovision High Speed Anamorphic Primes 25, 35, 50, 85

$1,000 day
$3,000 week
Last Updated: Mar 19th 2020


TEMPORARY PRICE!!! (Photos are of my actual lenses) RECOMMENDED MATTE BOX: BRIGHT TANGERINE MISFIT RECOMMNEDED ACCESORY: TIFFEN 138mm ROTA-POLA These are some of the most beautiful 2x anamorphic lenses I have ever used. They have all the characteristics you want in anamorphic glass: unique geometry, oval bokeh, big dramatic streaking lens flares, but their huge maximum apertures put them in a category very few lenses can touch. Shoot them wide-open and you get a creamy low contrast look with incredibly shallow depth of field and stunning bokeh. Stop them down to T2 and things start to get sharper and more contrasty. At T2.8 they are gorgeous and at T4 they are already close to peak performance. With a 15-blade iris, they maintain perfectly oval bokeh no matter what T-stop you’re shooting at, which is a must in my opinion. This set also includes the hard to find 25mm T1.9. This lens is addictive to say the least. There are not many anamorphic lenses as wide as 25mm because they are just very difficult to design. So if you need to go wide, this set is perfect. Also my 25mm has a round front which is easier to use with matte boxes than its square-front cousins. If you want all the beauty and character of vintage anamorphic lenses, there’s no better option. NOTE: Cineovision designed a built many different anamorphic primes over the years and they used a variety of spherical lenses as the base lens. Because of this, not all Cineovisions are created equal. For instance 3 variations of the same 85mm focal length will have slightly different flares, bokeh, sharpness and contrast from one to the next. You will find T1.4, T1.6, T1.9, T2.1 versions of many focal lengths. I had to search for a long time to put this set of 4 together and I am confident they are 4 of the best you will find anywhere. USER TESTIMONIALS: "Shooting with Mark’s set of Cineovision Anamorphic lenses has been a real highlight in my career as a DP. It was an absolute privilege using such rare and technically impressive lenses. They offered a unique, indescribable, aesthetic to our project that I’m certain couldn’t have been achieved through any other means. I shot with them mostly wide-open or at T2.0 and embraced their vintage, ethereal quality." - Michael Greenwood, ShareGrid member "These Cineovisions are incredible, definitely gave my project a signature look and was exactly the look we were hoping to get from an anamorphic lens set. Exceeded my expectations in every way possible and was by far the nicest looking anamorphic set I've ever used." - Brandon Bernier, ShareGrid member RENAL INCLUDES: 25mm T1.9 CF – 3’ 156mm OD 35mm T1.6 CF – 3’ 136mm OD 50mm T1.4 CF – 3' 95mm OD 85mm T1.4 CF – 2’ 7” 95mm OD
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    High Speed Anamorphic Primes
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$1,000 day
$3,000 week
Last Updated: Mar 19th 2020