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Anamorphic Mimic - Orange Bokeh Flare (Two Lens Selection) Iron Glass Adapters

Anamorphic Mimic - Orange Bokeh Flare (Two Lens Selection) Iron Glass Adapters

$39 day
$117 week
Last Updated: May 22nd 2021


This package includes two of the full set of seven anamorphic (orange) mimic lenses to choose from: 20mm f3.5, 28mm f3.5, 37mm f2.8, 58mm f2.0, 85mm f2.0, 135mm f2.8, 180mm f2.8 Packages of these lenses in OTHER QUANTITIES include: Three lenses ($49): Four lenses ($69): Seven (Full set) lenses ($99) - These lenses are INDIVIDUALLY rented here: 20mm (orange anamorphic mimic) ($20) - 28mm (orange anamorphic mimic) ($20) - 37mm (orange anamorphic mimic) ($20) - 58mm (orange anamorphic mimic) ($20) - 85mm (orange anamorphic mimic) ($20) - 135mm (orange anamorphic mimic) ($20) - 180mm (orange anamorphic mimic) ($20) - Canon EF Adapter: PL Lens to EF Mount ($10 / 1X Free with rental) - (Panasonic & Blackmagic 4K) Micro 4/3 adapter: PL Lens to Micro 4/3 Mount ($11) - Sony NEX adapter: PL Lens to Sony NEX Mount ($19) - Canon RF adapter: PL Lens to Canon RF Mount ($19) - These lenses all have PL adapters and can be adapted to EF. That way these lenses can be used even on EF, or PL. One PL to EF adapter will be included, if desired at no cost, and a second one can be added for $9. You can choose to mix blue, amber and black lenses together. Other ENTIRE LENS SETS (with breakdowns) include: Anamorphic Mimic Set (Blue) (EF) ($99) - Anamorphic Mimic (Black) (EF) ($29) - Canon FD (EF) ($179) - Helios Set (EF) ($99) - Jupiter Set (Fully Sony NEX & Canon RF/Partially EF) ($99) - Kiev-60 Set (EF straight or Tilt/Shift & PL) ($99) - Lomo Set (PL) ($169) - Mir Set (EF) ($89) - Rokinon Set (EF) ($59) - Zenitar/Zuiko (EF) ($129) - 16U (16mm) Set (m4/3) ($29) - Both the Blue and the Orange sets can be used to get the most accurate light-flare representation. Blue (Night-time) Orange (Day-time). I encourage mixing lenses from the blue set of anamorphic mimics. That will help to capture different flares to match the correct light source: daylight or tungsten. What is anamorphic about these lenses? 1. Bokeh - It is oval shaped when the aperture is wide open. This is due to a laser cut 3d-printed oval shape put in front of the aperture to give the oval shaped bokeh. 2. Flares - These lenses flare horizontally. There is a string in the aperture that creates these flares. It also means that any perfect circles of confusion will have a string going vertically through it. 3. Flare Colours - These lenses interior barrel's are coated an orange/amber colour that gives the flares a blissful warmth. 4. Focus Cogs 5. Declicked Iris 6. The anamorphic (oval) disk inside the lens - This takes away about 3/5 of a stop of light. It is colored. It also has a string going through the oval shaped bokeh to provide a cool effect. These lenses have a 77mm inner diameter / 80mm outer diameter for variable ND filters and matteboxes. Electronic Lenses: Canon 16-35mm f2.8L ($29) - Canon 24-105mm f4L ($26) - Canon 24-70mm f2.8L ($29) - Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 ($29) - Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 ($19) -
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$39 day
$117 week
Last Updated: May 22nd 2021