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Mir Lens Collection (Tilt / Shift) in EF (Some PL) Set - 3 or 4 Lens Selection

Mir Lens Collection (Tilt / Shift) in EF (Some PL) Set - 3 or 4 Lens Selection

$39 day
$117 week
Last Updated: Dec 6th 2022


Included are three of the following 13 Mir lenses: Mir 20mm f2.5, Mir 20mm f3.5, Mir 28mm f3.5, Mir 35mm f2.0, Mir 35mm f2.8 (Shift), Mir 37mm f2.8, Mir 37mm f2.8 (Macro), Mir 45mm f3.5 (T/S), Mir 65mm f3.5 (T/S), Volna 80mm f2.8 (T/S), Vega 90mm f2.8 (T/S), Uran 100mm f2.8 (Aerospace Lens), Petzvar 120mm f3.8 (T/S), Tair 133mm f2.8, Kaleinar 150mm f2.8 (T/S) Packages of these lenses in OTHER QUANTITIES include: Five lenses ($59) - Seven lenses ($69) - Thirteen (Full set) lenses ($89) - These lenses are INDIVIDUALLY rented here: 20mm (f2.5) ($25) - 20mm (f3.5) ($15) - 28mm ($15) - 35mm ($20) - 35mm (shift) ($25) - 37mm ($15) - 45mm (T/S) ($20) - 65mm (T/S) ($20) - 80mm (T/S) ($15) - 90mm (T/S) ($15) - 100mm (aerospace) ($30) - 150mm (T/S) ($15) - (Panasonic & Blackmagic 4K) Micro 4/3 adapters: Speedbooster (EF Lens to Micro 4/3) [0.71X & 0.64X] ($19 / $25) - EF Lens to Micro 4/3 Mount (Non-Electronic / Speedbooster) ($5 / $19 / $25) - Sony NEX adapter: EF Lens to Sony NEX Mount (Non-Electronic / Electronic) ($5 / $25) - Canon RF adapter: EF Lens to Canon RF Mount (Non-Electronic / Electronic) ($5 / $25) - Leica M / Nikon Z: EF Lens to Leica M Mount (Non-Electronic) ($7) - EF Lens to Nikon Z Mount (Non-Electronic) ($10) - The Mir lenses look very new and natural. They are bold lenses. They do not flare very much, so even if there is a light in the background you won't get much flaring or lose much contrast on people's faces. The set also benefits from having Shift (adapted) lenses for distortion/depth-of-field control. It works in any direction (up, down, left, right & diagonally). By tilting the lens, in any direction, you can diagonally alter the depth of field. Angling it sideways: left to right or top to bottom. It can also be used to make big things look miniature, to make the scene feel like a memory, or to give a drugged out perspective. The Uran 100mm is one of the best lenses and one of the rarest. The overtone has a slight blue tint which gives the image a very powerful glow. I give the lean to the Uran lens. It makes everything pop most surreal and naturally. I recommend giving the other lenses this lean. Other ENTIRE LENS SETS (with breakdowns) include: Anamorphic Mimic Set (Blue) (EF) ($99) - Anamorphic Mimic Set (Orange) (PL; adaptable to EF) ($99) - Anamorphic Mimic (Black) (EF) ($29) - Canon FD (EF) ($179) - Helios Set (EF) ($99) - Jupiter Set (Fully Sony NEX & Canon RF/Partially EF) ($99) - Kiev-60 Set (EF straight or Tilt/Shift & PL) ($99) - Lomo Set (PL) ($169) - Rokinon Set (EF) ($59) - Zenitar/Zuiko (EF) ($129) - 16U (16mm) Set (m4/3) ($29) - Electronic Lenses: Canon 16-35mm f2.8L ($29) - Canon 24-105mm f4L ($26) - Canon 24-70mm f2.8L ($29) - Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 ($29) - Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 ($19) -
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    Mir-1 37mm f/2.8 Lens
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$39 day
$117 week
Last Updated: Dec 6th 2022