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7" SmallHD Lite HDMI SDI Monitor Peaking (Client, Operator)

7" SmallHD Lite HDMI SDI Monitor Peaking (Client, Operator)

$36 day
$108 week
Last Updated: Mar 19th 2020


The monitor has it's original screen protector still on it. The 7" SmallHD is a new addition to the JB Camera Production & Rental lineup. I plan on getting two more batteries and a hood for it hopefully by the time you request it. The thing I love about the Small HD is the fact that it's so light. Obviously. It now comes with DC Power! ! I just added DC which comes as a dummy battery, which gets attached so a 7.4 V dc unit can plug in. The name Lite indicates that it isn't as bright as the Brite. The Lite is 1280x720 and the Brite is 1920x1080. The Brite is also brighter which can be useful on a bright an sunny day, but the Lite's batteries will last for an hour and a half longer because the Lite's dimmer screen isn't draining the batteries any extra faster. This rental comes with a Noga arm, a charger for the batteries and four batteries until I get two more of them and HDMI cable and SDI cable too if SDI cable is an option for you. One thing I have to say about these monitors is that both the Shogun And the smallHD are great converters of HDMI to SDI. If you need a field monitor for the director and the SmallHD/Shogun is the operator monitor 26" Panasonic (Director's/AC Monitor) 17" Panasonic (Director's/AC Monitor) The great thing about these director's monitors is that they are inexpensive, the bad thing about them is that they don't have hdmi and hdmi can be weird to convert but still pretty cool. But having this monitor, you can go in hdmi and come out sdi everytime. No adapter needed. The only drawback to this monitor is it can't record video, which the shogun can record in 4k which is useful especially for the a7s original Without the Shogun, the a7s original can only record in 1080p max. As a secondary reason to get the shogun, if you are recording mp4 files on a gh5 or an a7s. If you record to the shogun instead the files will be much easier to work with in Premiere because they will be in Prores. You can always do this transcoding process after you've shot it, but that is one extra step. Recording to the shogun does make very large files. The SmallHD is incredibly light. It weighs no more than 2 pounds. Let me know how much sdi and hdmi you need as well.
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    702 Lite HD 7-in SDI/HDMI Monitor
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$36 day
$108 week
Last Updated: Mar 19th 2020