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Brent Barbano

With a broadcast quality image, the BT-LH1710 17 inch is an amazing monitor for video village or any on-set needs.

It offers freeze frames/split screens, waveform functions, frame markers and the list goes on to fit your professional needs.


The versatile BT-LH1710 provides production-tough, HD broadcast-quality performance for a wide range of applications whether in the studio or in the field. Building on the performance of its predecessor, the BT-LH1700W, the LH1710 incorporates the latest panel and image processing technology to provide higher contrast, improved black levels and more functionality, at a price that fits your budget.

The LH1710's new 1280 x 768 In-Plane Switching (IPS) panel delivers broadcast- quality video reproduction with 10-bit image processing for improved color performance. The monitor's newly-designed image processing engine has a 3D look-up table (LUT) that calibrates it to reproduce accurate images according to the specific color standard selected. The LH1710 adds a wider range of essential functions including built-in embedded audio support, vectorscope, pixel-to-pixel display, cross hatch overlay, audio level meters (up to 8 channels), time code, headphone jack and five function buttons, in addition to the built-in waveform monitor that many professionals found invaluable in the BT-LH1700W.

The LH1710 is equipped with two HD-SDI/SDI auto-switching inputs with a switched output and a DVI-D input for connection to digital devices with a DVI-D output.