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Brent Barbano

I've always been a big fan of Angenieux's lenses. But I love this family of lenses simply because of how light they are! At 4.2 pounds, you can throw this puppy on an Amira, RED Dragon or Alexa Mini with a simple shoudler rig, and you've got a nice handheld setup. The one thing that I do not enjoy about the competitor's servo lenses is how front heavy they can be. And with Optimo's you don't really have that problem.

Optimo's are popular on ShareGrid and I'm not surprised. A trusted brand, supreme performance, and amazing functionality.


Supporting 4K resolution on Super 35mm sized sensors, the Angenieux 16 to 40mm Optimo Style Zoom Lens with PL Mount is patterned after the Angenieux Optimo DP series of zoom lenses and features a 2.5x zoom range of 16 to 40mm. The lens features internal focus design for a constant length as focus is changed and exhibits no signs of breathing during focus pulls.

The focus ring rotates through 320° of rotation, providing room for over 20 precise witness marks. The lens is lightweight for its zoom range at only 4.2 pounds and features a 114mm front outside diameter, which fits many optional production matte boxes. The lens comes standard with an ARRI PL mount, but optional lens mounts are available. The lens incorporates industry standard zoom and focus gears for interfacing with optional zoom motors, follow focus units, and Angenieux optional ASU servo unit.


APERATURE Max: f/2.6, T2.8 (16-40mm)


FRONT DIAMETER 4.5 in (114 mm)

LENGTH 7.3 in (186 mm)