The Power of Sharing

July 13, 2016
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ShareGrid Raises $1 Million to Build Community Marketplace for Filmmakers and Photographers

ShareGrid is a peer-to-peer marketplace for creatives, built by creatives. Our mission has been to take the roughly $50b of film and photo equipment that sits idle with creative individuals and companies and empower them to rent it online. Equipment owners can make a healthy return on their investment, and renters typically pay much less than traditional rental options.

Since 2015, the grass-roots ShareGrid community has accumulated $100 million of gear, everything from cameras, lenses, lighting, and spaces to drones and vehicles. Over 12,000 film and photo professionals and enthusiasts have signed up. Currently, ShareGrid s live in pilot cities Los Angeles and New York, launching in film hub Atlanta in July, with plans to expand fast to all major US markets. This is a great testament to the power of sharing - what happens when people decide to pool together their resources and create a sharing community.

ShareGrid is the platform that enables this. We are the first and only rental marketplace to insure up to $750,000 of production equipment instantly. We take care of all the over-heard of renting, including technology, payments, ID and insurance verification, customer service, logistics, marketing and more. However, we think ShareGrid can be even more meaningful in bringing the resources of the creative production industry together.

Founders, (from left to right) Brent, Marius and Arash

Today, after proving the sharing economy model works in the creative world, we'd like to announce we have raised a $1 million seed round to solidify our lead in the market and take our vision even further. We are excited to have experienced marketplace investor MHS Capital, as well as film industry investor Archer Gray behind us. Together, we plan to change things for the better by building the ultimate online community for the film and photo production industry. We will invest this money in making our community stronger, expanding to more cities, maintaining our top-notch customer service, as well as building new technologies to support productions of all sizes.

The “Why” of ShareGrid

Looking at it from a wide angle, the story of "Why" we built ShareGrid is interesting.

If one were to visit Yellowstone National Park, one could check out a still or video camera on-site, use the camera, and if they do not want to keep it, return it to another readily accessible distribution center or drop-off point, thus eliminating the individual’s need to store and maintain the equipment.
- Jacque Fresco

ShareGrid started with inspiration from Jacque Fresco's futuristic ideas on a resource based economy, as well as our direct experience working in the tech, film and photography industries and realizing the need for creatives like us to have access to more gear.

There is a shift in the economy away from the centralized structured power of corporations to more of the individual as technology breaks down the barriers to operating micro-businesses. We see every day how giving individuals more control over running their own business using the ShareGrid platform has created freedom for them to not only make money, but be able to afford to express their creativity to the fullest thanks to the lowered cost of access to gear.

We built ShareGrid to see how we can directly change a small portion of the economy by bringing efficiency to creative gear ownership. We are in the beginning of this wave led by AirBnB and Uber, and we are bound to grow ShareGrid to all types of resource sharing sharing within the creative industry, to help foster a more sustainable world and give our members financial freedom.

If we do it right, we'll build something beyond a profitable business as investors, employees and founders, but something that can affect people’s lives in a positive way. The best is yet to come!


-The ShareGrid Crew

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Arash Shiva

CPO/Co-founder of ShareGrid

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