Snapshot: Nino Kakabadze

September 30, 2016
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Taking photos brings pleasure in my life, it  drops me out of this world and into another where I can feel serene, comfortable, and content.

When I was a child my grandma  and I often went to the woods. She used to collect roots and made collages with them. It was her hobby. I really liked this and help her to find roots and discover, for example, that some looked like a deer’s head, or a women’s body or head. Since then, I started to see objects in different ways.

I took my first photography class at the Media College in Tbilisi in 2003. I just had one film camera, a Zenit –TTL, and stated  taking pictures of everything, but I didn’t have experience, so they were not good at all.

In 2005 i discovered a photography site (in Georgian) called  that brought enthusiastic amateur and professional photographers together. It wasn’t just a virtual community. We used to go out for shooting, it was really fun, we had expeditions,  photo excursions, and photography seminars. I met really good photographers, and some who became my good friends. I started to post my photos on this site. 

While studying at the Education TV Centre in 2005 I further cultivated my interest in photography. I worked at the country’s central election commission as a photographer for 5 years, then I went to Denmark for 6 months to study at the People’s International College.  This was a wonderful period in my life. In 2015 I started working at the Georgian Public Broadcasting, where I am still.

I have a Flicker blog,  and a photography Facebook page. I usually  participate in photo contests, and I can say that I am a lucky person. Participation at contests increases my motivation to take better and better photos.

I take photos at different places and for various purposes. Sometimes it’s just “random” shooting, like documentary photos. You never know whether it will be good or not til later. But sometimes I shoot conceptual photos,  which I like the most.

I admire Swiss photographer and performance artist, Chantal Michel‘s conceptual photo collages, they are so different. Something between real and unreal envelops me when I look at them. 

But I also cherish documentary photography. My favourite photographer is and always will be Josef Koudelka. Emotions in his photos give me inspiration. 

I usually  use Canon digital cameras, either with a 50mm lens or with a wide lens, which is super helpful for me to shoot everything that I  want to be in a picture. There is a big difference between digital and film cameras. It is good to rely on a methodical approach to achieve one’s goals.  While you are shooting with a film camera you can’t see what kind of picture you are taking. It is only after  developing that you discover that some of them are pretty good, better than you imagined. This is one of the reasons I also use film. Shooting analog is a more personal and joyful experience.

The word is so colorful that you don’t have to make it black and white. I mostly take color photos. Most of black and white images are uninteresting and monotonous for me. There are, of course, many exceptions.

By mostly  using saturation and color balance, I edit my images in Photoshop.  I don’t like manipulating photos, it’s not real.

Of course without light there won’t be anything in photos, but sometimes just the light makes photos amazing and beautiful. The most important things for me in photos are light and composition.

I usually work alone, but sometime I collaborate with other photographers. My husband, Giø Matchavariani,  is also photographer. I sometimes shoot with him.

If you want to shoot good nature photos you have to get up and go out early in the morning.  Nature provides you with so many opportunities to take good photos.

Misty photo shoots are my favourite. A misty environment provides you with mysterious lights and a whimsical environment, as if you are viewing fairy tales.

Public spaces, where people are walking, with different faces and interesting attires,  offers many possibilities to shoot interesting photos. I often go to demonstrations where activists are shouting about issues they care about. Because at a demonstration no one will come and say “hey, don’t take my picture,” a demonstration is a good opportunity for a photographer to practice shooting photos. Everyone knows that photographers could help to make a demonstration more popular by their photos.

I am also fond of architectural photography, both interior and exterior. I particularly adore beautiful light transmitted through windows and skylights.  

It’s not often, but sometimes I earn money from photos I shoot, like when I shoot weddings or other events, even corporate events.

People who like my work give me plenty of motivation to continue my photography. Even when I feel bad I want to go out and take photos. Seeing my old pictures reminds me of my memories. Every picture has a story to tell, a story that is inspired by the world we all live in.

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Arash Shiva

CPO/Co-founder of ShareGrid

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