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January 13, 2016
Product Updates
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Thanks to all of our beta users who contributed to making ShareGrid what it is today. To celebrate, we are releasing 10 new features!

1. LA Beta Pricing Ends Feb 1st

Now that our Los Angeles market has matured and market forces have taken effect, ShareGrid has the best pricing in the industry! On February 1st, we will remove the 20% beta discount. Therefore, giving owners full control of their prices.

What happens to existing listings?

In order to not disrupt market prices, all existing listings will inherit the beta price as the default price. Therefore, all current prices will remain the same. You, of course, have the option to change your price and when you do so, the automatic 20% discount will no longer be applied.

What happens on new listings?

All new listings after February 1st will not include the automatic 20% discount. So please make sure to price competitively within the marketplace to insure you get the most rentals.

2. Price Suggesting Tool

We made this simple tool to help owners price their gear optimally to insure they get the most value on their rentals. When you add a new listing or edit an existing one, we suggest the optimal price to get the most rentals for you.

3. Related Listings and Navigation

To help renters browse more gear and promote listings from the same owner, we've implemented a "More Gear From Owner" and also a "Related Gear" section on all listings. Additionally, we now have website breadcrumbs and improved mobile browsing navigation.

4. Dashboard Tabs

To help everyone manage their rentals, we have created tabs at the top of your messaging center to help organize all of your activity. 

5. Rental Receipts

Tax season is around the corner and a few of you have requested receipts. We have now enabled a receipt mode for each rental. For renters, in your confirmation message above your price breakdown you will see a "View Receipt" button.

6. Demo Reels

ShareGrid is full of extraordinary talent and today we release the ability to display your work. You can now embed your video in your profile. So be sure to show off your talent and get hired!

7. Vacation Mode

If your gear won’t be available for an extended period of time, you can now set unavailability for all of your gear with just one setting instead of having to do it for each individual listing.

8. New Support Site

We love talking to our users one-on-one. In doing so, we have gathered a very long list of common questions. Therefore, we have made a really handy support site with a search function that should help answer any common questions you might have.

9. New Blog

We’ve redesigned our blog to make it easier for us to post on a regular basis. We love to share stories about our members so if you have a great story or have worked on something really interesting, please email us and we'd be happy to share it with the community!

10. New Website

We’ve redesigned our homepage to better explain to new users what our community is all about. It now includes featured gear and some nice words from some of our members.

Stay tuned for even bigger features coming very soon as we roll out to more cities in 2016! Thank you for being a part of the best creative sharing community!

Thank you for joining! Be on the look out for new content every week.
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Marius Ciocirlan

CEO and Co-Founder of ShareGrid

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