Scale your media business with Jump Studios

June 13, 2022
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Scale your media business with Jump Studios

I’d like to introduce you all to Jump Studios.

Jump Studios is a CRM and project management platform for media professionals that handles project tracking, client communications, video review (like, and media contracts with digital signatures.

Jump Studios was built to take all of the software you subscribe to for your media business and roll it up into one application. With everything under the same roof, Jump Studios can not only save business owners a lot of money, but also unlock efficiencies to help your company focus more on the creative, and less on the busy work that goes into running a media company.

Jump Studios has created a special offer for Sharegrid users that we’re excited to share with you below!

Client and Project Management

With Jump Studios advanced CRM and project management tracking program, you can customize your project pipeline to match your company's needs. By having a pipeline tracking system, your team stays up to date with all of your projects, in all of their stages, to ensure you’re pushing each of them through to the finish line and towards payday ASAP.

In addition to a project pipeline, Jump Studios includes a company-wide tracker which tracks all of your clients, projects, and team members' activity at a company level so you can easily stay updated with everything that is going on with your company.

And at the project level, you can see a project tracker so your team never misses a beat for that specific project.

With built-in email communications, and with a library of email templates, Jump Studios makes it easy for you to automate your client email system to ensure the right communications are reaching your clients, personalized and on time!

Plus, your company will receive real-time updates when any major action is taken on the platform by one of your clients such as 1) watching your media files 2) downloading your media files 3) viewing a contract 4) signing a contract, and more.

Advanced Video Review

Everyone loves - it’s a great tool. However, the problem that we found when working with is that it is separated from all of the other tools that you use to run your media business.

That’s why we added an advanced review system into Jump Studios that is similar to but is also integrated into the daily operations of your media business.

With an integrated media review and delivery studio, you can seamlessly bring your clients from pre-production with contracts and logistics, to media review and final media delivery.

Jump Studios advanced media review system includes a realm of features such as timecode annotations, drawing on the screen, comments with “mark as complete” functionality, a version tracking system, a status indicator, and the ability to send many files to your clients to review all within one link.

Jump Studios media review system supports all file types of media files: videos, audio, documents, etc.

Once your client has approved your media files, then you can send them a final presentation link that includes all of your media assets within one link for your client to download. You can also choose to add a company watermark onto your assets or disable downloading until you’re ready for your assets to be downloaded by your client. This works great for the times when you’re waiting for your client to pay your final invoice!

Contract Library

Built into Jump Studios also comes a contract library with media contracts such as release forms, music video agreements, production agreements, and more. Every contract comes automatically filled with all of your clients and project information to save you time and energy!

Once your contracts are ready, you can send them to your client using a secure link. Your client can then review the terms and conditions, and sign the contract digitally when ready. Jump Studios includes a two-step verification process with an advanced permissions system to ensure only the people that you allow are viewing and signing your contracts.

And with Jump Studios tracking system, you’ll always know when your client views or signs your contract with internal tracking and email notifications.

The Future is Bright

Jump Studios was built by filmmakers (JJ Englert and Kyle Loftus) to help media professionals like you run your businesses more effectively. While implementing a CRM system such as Jump Studios can take a small amount of time to get started, the possibilities that your company will be able to unlock by having one system for all of your team members use, are endless.

In the future, we plan on adding items such as invoicing with payments, calendar integration with calendly like scheduling feature, and even custom branded links to reflect your domains across all clients’ touch points.

And with your support, we can reach these milestones even quicker.

Try it out Jump Studios for free

We’d love for you to give Jump Studios a try for your media business.

We are offering Sharegrid members 50% off an annual subscription for those that sign up before the end of June 2022. Or you can try Jump Studios for free for 14 days here.

If you have any questions, please drop me a line at

Happy filming!

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JJ Englert

Guest Writer - Founder & CEO of Industry Jump

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