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July 25, 2017
Product Updates
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Today, the ShareGrid product team is proud to ship the beta version of ShareGrid Cart. This is an important feature that many of our members have requested and have been patiently waiting for. It's a feature that will make creative collaboration on gear sourcing easier than ever before. Our product team has been tirelessly working on Cart to make it a great user experience for ShareGrid members, and this is just the start!

Elevating Production Gear Rentals

Before ShareGrid came along, gear rentals were traditionally transacted over phone and email, going back and forth with rental houses and insurance brokers just to place a rental, which took days. ShareGrid changed all that when we introduced a simple online experience with transparent pricing and the first ever instant online insurance, as well as the best rental prices in the industry thanks to the power of community gear sharing.

However placing large rental orders was still a cumbersome experience even on ShareGrid. Before Cart, we had a model where every listing request had to be made separately as its own "Conversation" with an owner. This quickly became repetitive when doing a larger rentals for a shoot requiring multiple piece of gear as each request had to be made separately.

With Cart, the easy shopping experience you are accustomed to on other eCommerce sites has been replicated for gear rentals on ShareGrid. However, production in general is complicated and we built-in some powerful features to make Cart collaboration simpler between gear renters, gear owners, and production stake holders.

How does it work?

When you choose a listing to rent, simply choose the dates and add the first item to your "Cart" from the owner. Each ShareGrid owner you request gear from will have their own cart and set of dates (one at a time). From your "Carts" view you can see all your carts with different owners, along with a preview of the gear and rental dates.

ShareGrid Cart makes it easy to collaborate and manage multiple orders at once.

From here it's also easy to grab the unique and private Cart link and share it with other stake holders, such as producers or clients for review and approval. Any one that gets the cart link will be able to "Check out" the cart, or remove items as you collaborate on the order.

Once you are ready to place the request for the cart to the owner, you can choose insurance options for cart items and click "Check Out." Now the gear owner will receive the Cart rental request and be able to communicate with you through ShareGrid's easy messaging system (via email or SMS).

Changes? No Problem!

We realized from the beginning that creative production changes all the way through the final days. That's why we designed cart with flexibility, allowing renters to make changes all the way up to the request, and owners to modify the order, or place custom charges/discounts to accommodate for last minute changes through the rental period. A "Final Charge" is placed at the end of the rental reflecting the final order.

Just the Beginning

Now that the cart foundation is in place, we have big plans to make it even better in the near future, allowing more flexibility and ease of collaboration. Our ultimate goal with Cart is to make it the de facto productivity tool for production gear sourcing, and we're excited to bring more features to you in the near future. Stay Tuned!

Let Us Know What You Think

We love feedback from our members on how to make ShareGrid work for you. Feel free to send us any comments, feature requests or bug reports.

Keep on Sharing!

-The ShareGrid Product Team

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Arash Shiva

CPO/Co-founder of ShareGrid

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