IN THE FIELD with Documentary Filmmaker Alejandro Bernal 

May 18, 2018
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In partnership with our friends at Storyhunter, check out this amazing story!

We’re back with IN THE FIELD, a short documentary series on the inspiring careers and active lives of Storyhunters. In this episode, filmmaker Alejandro Bernal takes us deep into the Colombian jungle, where he is shooting a documentary on former FARC guerrilla fighters transitioning to civilian life.

His documentary, “Cristian and Yimarly: Rebel Love,” is both a look at the cultural and political situation in Colombia and a romance that follows the love story of two guerrilleros. These guerrilleros have been resettled in one of 23 Temporary Normalization Zones: Zona Veredal Colinas in Guaviare, Colombia. Hot Docs recently selected the documentary as one of the projects invited to pitch at the 2018 Hot Docs Forum.

In this episode of IN THE FIELD, Alejandro takes us behind-the-scenes of his film, giving us an inside look at how he has tackled challenges creating this project and why it’s important to him to complete it:


Storyhunter Carlos Andres Lopez, a documentary filmmaker born in Germany and raised in Bogota, Colombia, shot the episode. He filmed with a Canon 5D MKIII, using three Rokinon lenses (24, 50, and 85mm), a ND variable filter, a Zacuto Viewfinder, and a DJI drone. He pitched the episode on the Storyhunter platform, because he believes the message Alejandro is sending with his film is important for others to recognize.

“I wanted to pitch this story because I think what my friend is doing is worth talking about and I admire his work, the characters and places of the stories he is doing. It is also an important time, where protecting the peace and the environment in Colombia should be not only recognized, but also a central subject for many storytellers. The message needs attention and to be spread. The moment of the country is very delicate and the ignorance, manipulation of the media, and lack of memory could be dangerous.” — Carlos Lopez, Documentary Filmmaker

You can follow more of his story as he takes over the Storyhunter Instagramthis week.

Carlos and Alejandro on-location in Colombia

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