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January 16, 2019
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What happens when your go-to crew member is already booked? Many of us ask them for a recommendation, or dial up another one of our regulars. But what happens if they’re also busy, and you’re shoot day is approaching, and you still need to fill several positions? That’s where Industry Jump comes in.

Industry Jump connects filmmakers with thousands of pre-verified film crew making it really easy to hire a trusted crew replacement in minutes. From Grips and PAs, to Sound Mixers and Production Designers, Industry Jump helps you easily staff all crew positions in a safe and trusted environment.

“There have been many times where I’ve hired someone, not because they were best for the job, but because I needed to fill that spot and had a million other things to do” says independent Director/Producer, Cory Reeder.
Historically, the film industry has operated on an “who you know” basis, with producers calling up their list of regulars when crewing up. However, with production shifting more towards shorter content, it requires producers to hire more filmmakers in shorter periods of time, and much more frequently than before. “Crewing up for short term projects, locally and abroad, has become too demanding. Producers have a million things to do, finding/vetting/onboarding 20 - 40 crew members in a couple of weeks is too difficult.” said CEO and filmmaker, JJ Englert.

“When building Industry Jump, we knew we had to create a platform that filmmakers could trust, first and foremost. Then, we had to make a platform that could save them a lot of time” says Englert. “That’s why we created a handful of verification tools, including a verified review process.”
Through Industry Jump’s review system, crew members are now being held accountable for their actions on set through peer-reviews. But it doesn’t stop there. Industry Jump has also implemented practices like cancellation policies, late fees, and even a customer satisfaction policy to ensure the filmmaker you’re hiring, shows up to the gig, everytime.

“I can’t count the number of times filmmakers have cancelled on me the night before a shoot. No matter the reasons for them cancelling, it still leaves you either stranded, or with a replacement crew member that you don’t know anything about” says New Media Production Manager, Gabriel Figueroa.

Once you find the filmmaker you want to hire, Industry Jump ties everything together with safe and easy payments through the platform. Within minutes, Producers can either connect their bank account or credit cards, and pay their crew members with the same payment terms as their other crew members (Net 7, 14, 30, etc). After that, everything else is automated: employment paperwork, payments, and even 1099s. “At the end of the year, we send our users their list of 1099s for every contractor they hired through Industry Jump. After they approve the list, we submit the 1099s on their behalf for no additional cost” said Englert.

So the next time you need to hire a crew member, whether it’s in Los Angeles, or South Africa, give Industry Jump a try. With verified film crew in 50+ countries, you’ll be sure to find the most qualified filmmaker for the job.

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JJ Englert

Guest Writer - Founder & CEO of Industry Jump

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