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April 24, 2018
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We are proud to announce our partnership with, the largest online photo sharing community for artists. As a film and photo equipment sharing community, we at ShareGrid hold the idea of unifying creatives, artists and filmmakers paramount in our mission to connect creatives in an impactful way. Which is why we always strive to align our efforts with other like-minded communities.

Since joining Unsplash last year, ShareGrid has amassed 4,921,613 views and 18,854 downloads of photos from our very own Unsplash profile. From cameras, to cinema lenses, to behind the scenes moments, we have been proud to provide our filmmaking-inspired photos to the Unsplash community for free. However, this is just the beginning...we need your help. 

One of our behind the scenes photos, free to download on Unsplash.

Today, we have started a new campaign with Unsplash to bring even more incredible images to our Unsplash collection. From April 25th to May 4th, you can upload photos to our ShareGrid collection here. From there, you'll need to check the “ShareGrid” box and this is where you will submit your photos!

Our hope is that these images can both assist others who are in need of beautiful images as well as inspire artists to create original and meaningful content.

An image from our "Lenses" collection

So, if you own any film, video or photo equipment, we are calling on you to contribute to ShareGrid’s collection with beautiful and striking images of gear, behind the scenes moments on set or whatever it is that you find to be most representative of the filmmaking/storytelling artist in all of us.

Additionally, we have added a link to Unsplash in our community so that ShareGrid members who are listing gear for rent, can access a library of photos that they can then use for their ShareGrid rental listings.

When you upload a photo, this is where you can add it to the ShareGrid collection.

We also ask that you use as many tags as possible so that those who are looking, can easily find the perfect photo to use. For example, here’s a popular photo we’ve added to our collection. 

The DJI Ronin 2 with an ARRI Alexa Mini and Zeiss Super Speed lens.

Take note of the tags below. We include the brand (DJI), model (Ronin 2) and a number of other attributes in order to properly identify the photo's best qualities.

DJI, DJI Ronin 2, Ronin 2, Gimbal, ShareGrid, Cinema, Cinematography, Camera, Cinema Camera, Video Camera, Gear, Film Gear, Filmmaking, Filmmaking Gear, Video, Indie, Indie Film, Equipment, Cinema Gear, Cinema Equipment, Film, Still Lens, Gear Porn, 4K, BTS, Behind the Scenes, ARRI, Alexa Mini, ARRI Alexa Mini, Warehouse, Los Angeles

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out at We look forward to serving the creative community with Unsplash and hope that this partnership serves as a helpful resource for you and others.

Thank you for joining! Be on the look out for new content every week.
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Brent Barbano

I have been a freelance Cinematographer in Los Angeles for over 12 years. Hailing from Syracuse, NY, I also studied at Syracuse University’s film program. I am a proud member of IATSE Local 600 International Cinematographers Guild.

I am the Co-Founder of ShareGrid and I happily contribute my findings, ideas and news on ShareGrid with all of you.

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