Filmmaker Stories from a Year in New York

October 18, 2016
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For the last year, ShareGrid has taken the Big Apple by storm! With over 1,500 listings, 3,000 members and thousands of rentals, we're proud of the impact we've made on the creative community in NYC. Now that our New York marketplace has matured, ShareGrid has the best pricing in the industry! On Monday, October 24th, we will remove the 20% beta discount. 

To celebrate our 1 year anniversary, we thought we would interview some New York filmmakers about their rental experiences on the site so far.

Vijay Nyack is a photographer who produces stunning images of places from all around the world. His list of Canon-related gear could satisfy even the most ambitious photo and video documentarians.

“I joined ShareGrid initially because between projects all of my gear would just be sitting on shelves. I had friends asking me to borrow my equipment now and then but I was looking for a way for it to help me while I wasn't using it. It's nice to have your equipment working for you. The best experience is working with the shooters that come and rent out my gear and talking shop with with them. SG has changed the way I raise money to produce content that I love and I hope it will continue to do so.”

Photo from Vijay's Website

Brandon Kelly, a producer, has found success renting both to and from other filmmakers on ShareGrid.

"It's a great idea. I've been renting to and from friends but when I heard there's a site that links the whole city's rental community I jumped on it. I've been producing a series and I've rented all my gear through ShareGrid and it's saved me so much money and hassle... Rental houses are closed on the weekends and holidays but good owners are fast responders and always open."

Brandon also has one of the more unique packages on ShareGrid.

Dylan Steinberg, of Dream Machine Creative, has one of the most robust offerings ShareGrid.

"My best friend and I have collected countless tools in filmmaking over the past five years, and we'd rent to friends off and on whenever they came to us.  Once we hired a gear manager and resident DP, Max Lewin, he told us about SG and how it could bring in extra money to help pay for rent, gear upkeep, and pizza. So we said, "Heck, why not?!" and the rest is history!... Countless times we've been able to help productions happen last minute, when other rental houses are closed due to holidays or regular business hours.  It feels nice to help others make believe and look forward to more movie magic!!"


Ashton J. Harrewyn has worked in the camera/electrical department of over 20 films including "The Social Network" and "Grown Ups 2." His extensive experience in this area is reflected in the massive amount of on-set gear he offers on his ShareGrid page.

"ShareGrid sparked my interest because it presented itself as a professional platform, not only to rent my gear out but to also meet other filmmakers who are enthusiastic. Plus it's always nice to expand ones network in this crazy city - it ain't easy, so we gotta stick together! The best experience I've had has been interacting with other filmmakers in the community and getting my gear out there for others to use and enjoy! I have yet to rent gear from others but look forward to doing so."

"I think ShareGrid has helped to create a more personal, down-to-earth experience for all parties. There are a lot of owner-operators and/or small businesses - so naturally the interactions are streamlined and people have been really respectful and flexible with pickups and returns. There is a nice symbiosis going on. We are all helping each other and making projects happen with high production value that otherwise might not have been possible."


Cinexin Studios, a film, motion graphics, post production, and design studio, has rented both to and from filmmakers in New York. For them, ShareGrid is the most pragmatic solution to many of their business obstacles.

"As a production company we are always looking for different solutions to get new clients and different sources of income, sometimes you have that piece of equipment that is valuable to you but you don't get to use it that much and we thought that it would be great to to rent our stuff to potential customers to keep moving the equipment instead of just having it stored for months without any real use."

"Getting to see how the website evolved during this year was great. Marius, Sia, Chris and the rest of the guys at ShareGrid really care about the people on their portal and you can really see that when you send an email asking for some help, the feedback is always accurate, on time and looking to find the best solution, a pleasure to work with. ShareGrid has made it very easy for indie filmmakers and small production companies to get access to high-end production equipment without the problem of endless paperwork, having to deal with insurance companies or finding the rental place closed during the weekend, apart from having some of the most competitive prices among the products posted on the website, for us it´s a basic tool for any production coming in the future."


Thanks for the great first year, New York! Here's to many more!

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Brent L Zaffino

I am a filmmaker out of Atlanta, Georgia currently working as a freelance director and videographer for music videos, short films, and corporate videos.

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