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April 25, 2016
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This interview was very personal for me. Jas Shelton has been my mentor for over 10 years. As an intern at Universal Studios in Los Angeles, Jas met with me at Starbucks to talk about forging my career as a cinematographer.

10 years later, I have now worked with Jas on his features, C.O.G., The Stanford Prison Experiment, The House and the Duplass Brothers' HBO series, Togetherness.

I have found that losing my temper, is counter productive to getting shit done.

It has come full circle as I had the opportunity to sit down with him and talk DP-to-DP about his experiences in the film industry. Check out this 4-part interview series as we cover some pretty amazing and relevant topics.

Episode 1...Becoming a Cinematographer

In this episode, Jas talks film school, moving to LA and forging a career as a cinematographer.


Episode 2...Working with Mark and Jay Duplass

In this episode, Jas explains how he started his working relationship with Mark and Jay Duplass. From shooting low budget indie films to working on big budget films such as Cyrus and Jeff Who Lives at Home, to then DPing HBO's Togetherness. Jas explains what it was like to shoot coverage and light scenes with the Duplass brothers as well as transitioning their cinema-verite approach to a more cinematic style. And ultimately, what it means to trust a director.


Episode 3...Managing a Crew and an Attitude

In this episode, Jas and Brent discuss about what it means to carry a positive attitude on set and how to manage a crew. Nobody knows better than Jas as I've been on plenty of shoots with him. I can personally say, there is no better leader to have when in the trenches of film production.


Episode 4...Shooting Digital, Keanu and New Media

In this episode, Jas talks about shooting on film vs. digital and how new technology is shifting the industry as a whole. He also discusses his visual strategy on Key and Peele's new movie, Keanu. Lastly, Jas shares his thoughts on where the entertainment industry is going and how media is being created in many different forms.


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Brent Barbano

I have been a freelance Cinematographer in Los Angeles for over 12 years. Hailing from Syracuse, NY, I also studied at Syracuse University’s film program. I am a proud member of IATSE Local 600 International Cinematographers Guild.

I am the Co-Founder of ShareGrid and I happily contribute my findings, ideas and news on ShareGrid with all of you.

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