7 Things to Look for at NAB 2018

April 7, 2018
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The National Association of Broadcasters has, for decades now, hosted the biggest trade show of its kind in Las Vegas, Nevada. Companies make announcements, cutting-edge products are demo’d for the first time, and all of this under one gigantic roof. If you are going this year, keep your eyes peeled for these headline exhibits.

RED Gemini and VV Monstro

In the very recent months, RED has introduced two brand-new sensors: the 8K Full-Frame Monstro, and the Dual-ISO Gemini, featuring their best low-light performance to date. Both are created with very different uses in mind, but both feature that same RED color science you love and are available as upgrades to existing brains that you may already have. For availability, pricing, and some hands-on time, check out RED’s booth N201LMR.


Aputure Amaran F7 and MX

Aputure this year has announced two new incredibly powerful and versatile LED panels - the Amaran MX for tiny but powerful on-the-go lighting, and the Amaran F7 as more of an ENG on-camera workhorse. Both are top-notch professional lights at an affordable price point, designed for you to “do something cool with it.” This tech has the CRI (color rendering index) to please pro users and the price to please prosumers. If you are interested in these lights, head over to booth C2143.

Canon C700 FF

You thought you knew the C700. It’s a Super35 A-camera that is gunning for the likes of the Alexas, the CineAltas, and the the VariCams of the world. But now, it also comes in full-frame 5.9k. It can natively shoot 4K Super35 images from a center crop, and comes fully-featured right out of the box. That means no paid upgrades, no licensing nonsense, and no “features coming soon.” Canon is working hard to stake a claim in the top tier of cinema cameras available today. Give them a look at booth C4325.


DJI Phantom 5?

Could this be for real?

This one is a bit more speculative, but it has been rumored that DJI might announce the Phantom 5, a highly-anticipated update to one of the best known families of drones. The Phantoms sit right at the cusp of professional and consumer, luring ambitious amateurs and budget-conscious pros alike. Word on the street is that the Phantom 5 might have interchangeable lenses, to match the new  X7 camera on the Inspire 2. Details are few and far between, but keep your eyes on booths C2207 and FB3 just in case.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe has continued to push new and exciting features out to filmmakers at a very brisk pace - and they’re not slowing down in the 2018 releases. The headline feature this year is Adobe Sensei, an artificial intelligence that powers new abilities like face-detection for morph cuts and skintone-matching between shots. Add to that powerful video integration tools for Audition and smart “liquify” tools in Photoshop, and you get one of the most powerful integrated toolsets available today. Try out the new tools before they are publicly available at booth SL2400MR.


SMALLHD Focus Bolt

All of us are familiar with the Director’s monitor. It’s usually a wireless receiver and a small monitor mounted inside some sort of cage or contraption with handles and possibly straps so the director or producer can see exactly what’s happening from anywhere on set. SMALLHD, in partnership with Teradek, has combined all of these elements into one clean package with the Focus Bolt - in both 5 and 7 inch models. Check them out at booth C6025.

Blackmagic Surprise Camera

In the past day or so, rumors have been flying wild that BlackMagic Design has a new camera in store for us in 2018 - surprisingly, the successor to 2013’s Pocket Cinema Camera, is the Pocket Cinema Camera 4K. Now with 4K recording, this new model can capture footage in 10-bit ProRes or 12-bit RAW. BlackMagic has always held their cameras to a ridiculously low price point, and this looks to be no exception at an amazing $1,295. SL216 is the booth to watch.

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

Whether you're going for a new investment, or simply just to nerd out, NAB is more than a candy store for us "kids." It's a magic ball that tells us all where the industry is heading. And if this list is any indication, 2018 is going to be full of excitement. We'll be there so come join us for a drink Tuesday, April 10th!

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Andrew Collings

I'm a filmmaker who sets up shop at the crossroads between a technician, a storyteller, and an artist. I enjoy reverse-engineering everything I see, whether that's a popular film, a vintage lens, or a rusty bicycle. I live for that moment when the solution to a once-unsolvable problem snaps into focus; when the purpose of a specific lever or edit or shot becomes clear.

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