4 Things to Look Out for at Cine Gear 2017

June 2, 2017
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With NAB (and its lack of big camera announcements) over, all eyes are on Cine Gear 2017 and the hype is high. On it’s 21st year, Cine Gear is one of the premiere events for the technology, media, and entertainment industry. News from the four-day event will rush in quickly, so here are four things to keep an eye on this weekend.

The Canon C200

The C200 announcement by Canon just a few days ago was a bit of a shocker. We knew the camera was coming, but the 4K internal Raw recording and Dual Pixel CMOS Autofocus makes the camera an incredibly intriguing indie filmmaker tool. To make Raw workflow easier than ever, Canon has created a new recording format called “Cinema Raw Light,” which reduces file sizes and makes it possible to record raw footage to CFast 2.0 media. Moreover, Canon has worked with numerous software developers to help integrate Cinema Raw Light into a wide variety of workflows.

While the specs and $7,500 price tag are out, we still don’t have a ton of footage from the camera to look at. While the C200’s features are tantalizing, but now we need to see footage to back up the hype. Hopefully Canon will have plenty to show this weekend.

Panasonic’s Mystery Camera


Likely vying for the same market at the C200 or better, Panasonic will be revealing its mystery camera from NAB at Cine Gear this weekend. Though we don’t know anything concrete about the camera yet, its blanket outline sure looks like a new cinema camera in line with the Varicam series. Safe money says we’ll be seeing a Super 35mm variation on the recently-released GH5 and its 6K sensor.

Panasonic fanboys and fangirls are drooling at the sound of this news. Many consider Panasonic’s color science to be some of the best in the game. So, with their "slow to catch up" pace in the digital age, it’s about damn time Panasonic is rising to the occasion. Sony, Canon, ARRI and RED, beware?

As we saw with the C200 announcement (and the 6K on the GH5 this year), don’t be surprised by, well, a few surprises here. Panasonic likely doesn’t want to just put out a GH5 in a cinema camera’s body, so be on the lookout today at 4:15, when the full announcement will be made.

Major RED Announcements

From a great article from The Angry Video Guy.

This one is a little more vague, but since RED has essentially ditched NAB to focus on Cine Gear, the pressure is on for the company to deliver some sweet, sweet news. RED President Jarred Land essentially said as much when the company announced its Cine Gear plans a year ago.

"I know some of you plan your travels way, way too far in advance, so I just wanted to give everyone a heads up that didn't hear it already, next year we are going to bail on NAB in April and instead move our entire roadshow to CINE GEAR in June...which we feel has grown to become a much, much, much, much, much, much better show for us and our customers."

According to RED’s website, Cine Gear attendees should expect “to interact with the range of DSMC2 cameras - SCARLET-W, RED EPIC-W, WEAPON 8K S35 and WEAPON 8K VV - and see them in action on a live set. Additionally, RED will be demonstrating the latest workflow options - covering their new image processing pipeline (IPP2), HDR, and 8K.”

Honestly, more IPP2 info could be worth more to shooters than even a new camera announcement, so maybe we don’t see anything Earth-shattering at the event this year. However, it will be interesting to see how much news RED wants to fit into its main event focus of the year. Stay tuned. Personally, when, if ever, will they produce the Vista Vision camera for the masses? With only 6 in the world (that we know of), is it time for RED to step it up and give it’s professional consumers what they want?

Panavision DXL

Last but certainly not least, you need to check out the highly anticipated Panavision DXL. Announced this week, Panavision plans to display the DXL at Cine Gear in all its glory. “Working prototypes and a demo reel will be on display at the Panavision and Light Iron booth at Cine Gear Expo this weekend.” Is ARRI scared? Should they be? Is Panavision here to take back the throne of camera-dominance once again? Only time will tell but check out their booth and decide for yourself.

If NAB 2017 was all about lenses, let’s hope Cine Gear 2017 is all about the cameras (which is what it’s shaping up to be). Either way, we’ll know a whole lot more as the weekend unfolds.

If you’re going to Cine Gear 2017, make sure you share your stories in the comments or email them to brent@sharegrid.com. Happy expo-ing, filmmakers!

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Brent L Zaffino

I am a filmmaker out of Atlanta, Georgia currently working as a freelance director and videographer for music videos, short films, and corporate videos.

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