2019 ShareGrid Members Going To Sundance

January 14, 2019
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It is with great excitement that ShareGrid announces and recognizes four of our members for their submissions and acceptance into this year’s Sundance Film Festival! Ante Cheng served as the director of photography for Ms. Purple, Bryan Koss worked as the director of photography for Mope, and Jonathan Stanley acted in, and Moses Israel was the associate producer for, The Infiltrators. ShareGrid’s origin came from the desire to encourage filmmakers everywhere to create their art, and to allow everyone the chance to do so by providing a platform with the necessary gear readily available and at affordable prices. We take pride in our daily goal of empowering filmmakers to pursue their dreams, and this success with Sundance only furthers our passion for what we do everyday here at ShareGrid. Congrats again gentleman, and we are thrilled to see what you do next!

Ms. Purple


Ms. Purple centers around Kasie, who works as a young hostess dedicated to catering rich businessmen in dark karaoke rooms throughout Los Angeles’ Koreatown strip malls. As she tries to hide her sorrow through drug-induced nights, she continues her work in order to earn enough money to care for her sick father. After her father’s caretaker quits, she must reunite with her estranged brother in order to care for their father, leading them to address the suppressed trauma that originally created the rift in their relationship. Through this stunning portrayal of real human struggles, this film helps to truly display the conflicts people face when burdened with the weight of their family’s expectations.

Ms. Purple ShareGrid Member Creator

Ante Cheng (Director of Photography) 

ShareGrid Member Since Sep 2016




Mope is the dramatic true story based off of two young male performers in the porn industry. Known as ‘mopes’, which are the lowest-level male performers in the industry, two best friends embark on a quest to achieve an impossible dream: absolute stardom. With magnificent performances, heart-wrenching struggle, and overall sheer will, Mope encourages everyone to never give up on their dreams.

Mope ShareGrid Member Creator

Bryan Koss (Director of Photography) 

Elite ShareGrid Member Since April 2015

The Infiltrators


The Infiltrators captures an exceedingly real struggle the United States faces in today’s border security— the mistreatment and abuse of illegal immigrants already living within the United States. When a group of undocumented students, also known as Dreamers, choose to be detained by Border Patrol, they work to expose the corruption within a for-profit detention center, focused on exploiting their detainees for personal gain. Through their courage, intelligence, and overall persistence, these students fight for everyone feeling crushed by the United States’ brutal immigration laws. The Infiltrators’ ability to convey the horrors within detention centers truly examines the greed and corruption living within this country.

The Infiltrators ShareGrid Member Creators

Jonathan Stanley (Actor)

ShareGrid Member Since May 2015

Moses Israel (Associate Producer)

ShareGrid Member Since August 2016

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