10 Food Photographers You Need to Follow on Instagram

November 14, 2017
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As we approach everyone's favorite time of the year for food (well, at least it's mine), it can't hurt to stay up-to-date on who has the best food photography on Instagram. I'm sure we'll all be a little guilty of taking that perfect shot of our plate of overflowing goodness for our Instagram followers to see. After all, the food-photography competition is real on the 'Gram. To inspire you this season, here are a few amazing Instagram food profiles to inspire your eyes...and belly.

1. Dennis The Prescott

Dennis just finished a new cookbook, EAT DELICIOUS, (which I may need to buy). A lot of Dennis' visuals are aerial shots of a fairly wide big spread of food, ingredients, utensils and sides. I just had to show the burger because, well look at it!

2. How Sweets Eats

Jessica Merchant mixes it up with bright color, hearty meals and plenty of desserts to get you drooling this holiday season. She uses both traditional table-top photography and eye-level compositions with a shallower depth-of-field so your eye never gets bored as you scroll!

3. Spoon Fork Bacon

Food stylist @foodlovejenny and photographer, @terilynfisher collabed to take mouth-watering photos of generous servings out of Los Angeles, CA.

4. Sally's Bake Blog

If you have a sweet tooth, look no further. Sally's page is full of beautifully shot desserts.

5. Andrew Scrivani

Andrew Scrivani was been featured in the New York Times for his macro photography and attention to detail. From sea salt on pizza to water droplets on grapes. Andrew seems to capture a beauty most can't see with the naked eye.

6. Smitten Kitchen

 Smitten Kitchen has a great balance of baked goods and healthier food options so you don't feel too guilty while you scroll. Check out more of their recipes here.

7. Slice of Pai

Mixed with travel and culinary, Joann Pai manages to capture the experience of food and its surroundings just as much as its texture. For every "food pic" there are two or three "travel pics" that are breathtaking. Scrolling through this profile makes you want to hop on a flight and explore distant lands while tasting incredible food.

 8. Wright Kitchen

Color, color color. Brittany Wright tries to capture the color and the various spectrums food can present. Almost all of her photos seem to be mother nature's way of showing off. Simply stunning.

9. Julie's Kitchen

Based out of Los Angeles, Julie, not only takes snaps shots of plates of prepared food, but clearly she makes her way to the local farmers markets as seen above. Sometimes food at the market can be just as beautiful.

10. Pinch of Yum

What I love about Lyndsay Ostrom's Instagram page is that there are more videos than photos. Each video is a quick "how-to" that brings the recipe to life. A refreshing and informative experience that'll make you order bust out the Amazon Fresh account and start ordering. 

Enjoy your Thanksgiving photo sessions and don't forget to have plenty of natural light, a hand model and to actually eat the food. Just don't be like this guy...


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