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The Pocket Jib PRO is the most heavy duty jib in our Pocket Jib series designed specifically for a greater weight capacity when larger cameras and rigs are being used. With its heavy duty, dual-arm design, the Pocket Jib PRO can handle up to 50 lbs. in any length configuration.

Dual Purpose Production Tool

Not only is the Pocket Jib PRO a world class jib it can also mount Kessler sliders, turning it into a virtual ""all-in-one"" production tool, offering both a jib and mini-dolly in one unit

Quick Set Up

Ease of packability and minimum set-up time required for the Pocket Jib PRO maximize it's versatility. Perfect for studio or in-the-field applications.

Drag Control

Included drag control provides increased control for users to attain the smoothest shots possible. Because the tension is adjustable, each user can fine tune the necessary drag for their rig and application.

Locking Mechanism

When the Pocket Jib PRO isn't in use or a static shot is required, the included locking pin allows users to securely lock the jib in place, protecting equipment and removing movement from the Jib.