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Brent Barbano

We all love GoPros. And most of us probably own 1 or 5. I own two and use them frequently for vacations, car-mounted shots or frankly, shots that I don't want to risk destroying a more expensive camera for. Sorry but it's true. These little guys are just that, little. But they are durable as heck, water-proof and records up to 4K!

It's a pretty amazing camera for its size and price and can be used/mounted in a number of different ways in order to fit your needs. A must have for fun or as an extra camera.


Ruggedized and ready for adventure, the GoPro HERO5 Black action camera can be taken to the skies, over rough terrain, and even underwater without flinching, recording 4K videos and 12MP photos along the way. The sealed rubberized chassis allows the HERO5 Black to be taken to depths of 33' without the need for an external housing. So whether your escapades take you to the lands of concrete, sand, dirt, snow, or water, the HERO5 Black is prepared to record with a single button press. Once you have finished recording, use the touchscreen to playback and even edit your footage right on the camera.

It's hard to speak about the versatility of the HERO5 Black and not mention the mounting possibilities available through the included and separately available accessories. The Frame is included with the HERO5 Black and not only adds another layer of protection, it provides an interface to the world of 3-prong accessories. To get you started, a mounting buckle quick-release for The Frame and two adhesive mounts (one curved and one straight) with quick-releases are included. Other accessories such as handlebar mounts, selfie sticks, suction cups, and dive housings for creative placement of the HERO5 Black are available separately.

Not only is it more versatile than previous generation HEROs, it's also easier to use. A touchscreen graces the rear surface, displaying a revamped user interface, while the front screen combined with the top and side buttons offer a more traditional one-button control experience. If the camera is off, pressing the record button will power it on and immediately start recording. Hands-free control is also possible using the built-in Voice Control feature. Speaking simple voice commands can control various functions inside the camera, including start/stop video recording, photo burst, and more.