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The Sony FS7 vs. the New FX9… Should You Take the Plunge and Buy One?

So you want to buy the new Sony FX9? 

Here are a few reasons why you should: 

When the Sony FS7 first came out, it was (and has been) a complete hit among filmmakers. It was (is) an affordable, cinematic looking camera, that Sony has actually claimed is the most sold Super35 camera in history. 

However, while the FS7 was shining in its Super35 success, Canon and other manufacturers were coming out with their own full frame cameras. These have been major competition for the FS7, as filmmakers began preferring to shoot on a 35mm full frame photo sensor… which the FS7 doesn’t have. 

Until now. 

Full Frame & Fancy 4K

The new Sony FX9 takes the FS7’s body, but turns it into an Olympic athlete in the Sony camera line. Unlike the FS7, the Sony FX9 shoots full frame, and in *6k. The asterisk there is that Sony claims 6K, but the sensor is actually a downgraded version of 6K that gives the user an upgraded 4K look that is more crisp than other 4K’s seen. 

Advanced Extension Unit 

Beyond its full frame success, is the FX9’s extension unit, which is called the XDCA-FX9. This extension unit allows RAW output with up to 16-bit, D-tap, Ethernet, DC Hirose 4-pin output, DWX slot-in type audio, and the ability to use V-Mount batteries. This extension unit is basically the Hulk version of the FS7’s.

High-Tech Filter Mode 

In addition, the FX9 also has an advanced version of the FS7’s variable ND filter mode. The FX9’s is an electronic version that can be controlled from a dial on the side of the camera. Next to this filter dial are other dials that can control white balance, audio adjustments, iris control, shutter, etc. These dials eliminate the FS7’s user’s hunt through the menu for similar functions, which saves time. The dials also just look cool.  

Built-In Wifi

Another cool aspect of the FX9 is its WIFI image transmission that is actually built into the camera! You can actually use a smartphone and watch the images being filmed through an app with only a 1 second delay. This can be especially helpful for those with budget concerns when it comes to buying or renting a monitor, or for anyone hoping for the ease of using their phone as a monitor. 

Super Autofocus

Finally, one of the most exciting features of the new FX9 is its Fast Hybrid Autofocus. Not only is it contrast based (like the FS7’s), but it can use phase detection in addition to it’s extremely fast autofocus (unlike the FS7, which didn’t have good autofocus at ALL). Beyond the autofocus capabilities, the FX9’s face detection autofocus is incredible. In fact, you can pick which face you want the camera to focus on, and the camera will actually stay locked on that face until you choose otherwise. 


DO it. 

Buy that FX9. 

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