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Ronin 2 is Rugged

When people mention the new high-powered motors in the Ronin 2, they usually are speaking of them in the context of a large camera. And they’re right - it carries such a large payload now that it’s hard not to mention. But what often gets lost is that these new, powerful motors are also a distinct advantage in more extreme shooting conditions. There are a lot of features like this if you look under the hood a bit.

Internal Cabling is Weatherproof

Sure, internal cabling is convenient for operators. But the major advantage of keeping all your cables sealed inside the carbon-fiber arms is that they’re not going to get pulled around by the wind and they’re much less likely to get messed up in the rain. The splash proof motors only add to the reliability in less-than-optimal situations. The Ronin 2 is unfazed by dust, mud, and splashes. Everything important is protected inside an easy-to-clean shell.

Strong Motors Resist Wind

The DJI Ronin 2 is rated for about 70mph travel speed on a vehicle. But why? Simple - the motors are capable of resisting the wind and G-forces up to that point. We don’t always think about the trials we are subjecting our gimbals to, but being mounted on the side of a fast-moving car is a major ordeal. That’s hard enough when you’re trying to just lock down the shot, but it’s even worse if you are trying to move the camera in all that wind. Think of the strongest winds you have ever been in - the kind where it is hard to walk directly into it, let alone stand in one place. It takes everything you have just to push through and get where you’re going. That’s what your gimbal is experiencing from the back of the car. That’s why the super-strength motors on the Ronin 2 matter.

In Conclusion

The Ronin 2 is an all-terrain, heavy-duty, swiss-army gimbal that can handle most anything you can throw at it thanks to the sealed motors, the internal cables, and the high torque it brings to all three axes.