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Shooting 6K RAW with the Canon C700 FF and Codex

The Canon C700 FF may seem like a workhorse out of the box. It’s got wicked autofocus, incredible low-light sensitivity, and of course that Canon color that everybody loves. But Canon has also partnered with Codex, makers of the highest-quality external recorders, to co-develop a seamless recorder that slots right onto the camera and massively expands its potential. And it’s a snap to use!

The Codex capture drive allows you to capture 5.9k raw video, as well as much higher frame rates in ProRes recording. To attach it, you need to remove the battery plate from the back of the C700 FF, then just slide it in and screw it down. It acts as an extension of the camera, featuring no extra buttons or controls and passing power through from its own battery plate. 

C700 FF on a Steadicam. That blue ring says the Codex is ready for action
C700 FF on a Steadicam. That blue ring says the Codex is ready for action

With the Codex CDX-36150 on board, you can simultaneously record to its Codex Capture 2.0 Drives and to the CFAST cards you would regularly record. This allows for a high-quality and highly flexible proxy workflow - XFAVC to the dual CFAST cards, Cinema RAW or ProRes to the Codex Capture Drives. To start, press the menu button and head to Rec > Media Setup > RAW (CDX Capture Drive). Select that, and you are all set to go. 

C700 Before The Prep

When those Codex Capture Drives are full, you take them over to the proprietary Codex Capture Dock, to dump the footage. If you shot in ProRes, then the world is your oyster. Just about every non-linear editing program in the world accepts ProRes. 

But for those of you recording in Cinema RAW, make sure that you are recording proxies. Cinema RAW is a very large format that is cumbersome to edit directly. It is much simpler instead to edit with proxy files and relink the RAW video for export. To set this up, navigate to Rec > Media Setup > Sub Rec (XF-AVC).

And that’s it! That’s all you need to get started with the Canon C700 FF and the Codex CDX-36150 recorder. Let’s see what magic you can make!

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