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How to Shoot Slow Motion on the Panasonic EVA1

Shooting slow motion with the EVA1 is secretly all about selecting the way that the sensor is sampled and recorded. Different modes offer different mixes of resolution and frame rate options, reading out the flexible 5.7K sensor in a number of unique ways. Let's dig in, shall we?

Accessing these modes is fairly simple, if unintuitive. Simply go to Menu>System settings>System Mode>Sensor Mode. From here you will find three options: 

S35 5.7k 

This option provides access to the maximum resolution flexibility, but is limited to 60p.

S35 MIX 2.8k 

This mode downsamples the EVA1's resolution to 2.8K to take load off of the processors and open up frame rates all the way to 120p.

4/3 CROP&MIX 2.2k 

 This mode performs the same downsampling from the S35 Mix, but now crops in to Micro Four Thirds size as well. The EVA1 performs all of this in service of the slowest motion available to any camera in this price tier - a whopping 240p.

Three Sensor Modes, Three very different flavors of EVA1
Three Sensor Modes, Three very different flavors of EVA1

Once you have chosen a sensor mode, choose a system frequency. This will dictate what your VFR footage will be conformed to. 240p conformed to 24p will give you 10x slow motion. Conform it to 60p and you have 4x slow motion. Alternatively, you can choose to set your system frequency to 59.94p and conform it by hand in post, if that is slow enough for you and you want to skip the VFR mode. 

But for those of us that want maximum slow motion, we find VFR mode by going to Camera Settings>FPS>VFR SW and turning it on.

From there, back out to the FPS menu, select Value, and set your frame rate. Just remember that it will be capped according to your Sensor Mode. When you have made your selection, simply close out all of the menus and begin shooting!