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How to Hit Top Speed on the DJI Mavic Pro

The DJI Mavic Pro is a zippy little drone, maxing out at 40mph - on paper. If you’re planning to shoot cars, racing, or any sort of fast action then read on to find out how to push that speed limit.

Step 1: Sport Mode

For Obstacle Avoidance (OA) to work properly, the sensors in the Mavic Pro need a small amount of buffer time to read and react to objects. So when the sensors are active, DJI has chosen to automatically limit your speed. For this reason, it will have to go. We do this by entering Sport Mode - just flip the switch that says “Sport” on the right grip of the controller. Be extra cautious of collisions - you are flying with the training wheels off now. 

Just flip the switch on the side
Just flip the switch on the side

Step 2: Get the Wind Behind You

The best way to push the boundaries of the Mavic Pro’s performance is to make nature work /for/ you, not against you. Find the direction the wind is blowing, and stage your shot so that you can fly with the wind at your back. This will give you an extra boost of speed, and help conserve battery power by taking some of the strain off of the Mavic Pro’s motors. 

Drop some sand or grass and look at the direction the wind takes it
Drop some sand or grass and look at the direction the wind takes it

Step 3: Fly!

You’ve got your settings all lined up, the wind is just perfect, and you’re ready to roll. There are just a few more things to keep in mind. First, make sure you have enough runway. You will want to start the Mavic Pro a few yards back from the beginning of the shot so that you have time to accelerate. Similarly, you will need lots of space on the other end to brake. This is extra important because the wind is going to want to keep you going. And finally, make sure your flight path is as clear as possible. Without Obstacle Avoidance, you will need a wide open flight path. The Mavic Pro will be much harder to handle at these speeds.

In Conclusion:

Turn on Sport Mode, find the wind, clear your flight path, and get a running start at it. You’ll be breaking speed records in no time!

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